HWL Scientific Instruments GmbH

HWL  is a german company, specialised in consultancy and customized solutions to overcome disturbing vibration problems.
To use state of the art technology was a minimum precondition to start our service.
We are located in the south-western part of Germany, close to Tuebingen, a renowned old university town.
Here, in one of the leading biotechnology areas in the middle of Europe, we provide first class products and services to you. Please have high expectations towards us, we will surely beat them.

We have the exclusive distribution rights for the TS and AVI Active Vibration Isolation systems in the following areas:

  • Europe
  • Near and Middle East
  • Africa
  • India


Company History

HWL  has more than 20 years of experience in active antivibrating solutions

In 1996 we started with the distribution of the active damping systems MOD-1 and MOD-2.

In 2002 a new generation of active vibration isolation systems replacing the well established MOD-1 system was introduced. These were the following:

  • TS-150
  • TS-140
  • TS-300

In 2012 a new nomenclature for the modular AVI systems has been introduced, to make it easier to calculate how many single units of a dedicated AVI system are necessary to fullfil the needs of a user for his specific application.
Each AVI system was renamed to its max. load capacity of a single unit.
In this course all AVI systems were manufactured to have the same height. This allows the user to combine different AVI system units into his project.

  • AVI-200 
    (single unit 200 kg max. load, basic system with two single units 400 kg max. load)
  • AVI-400 
    (single unit 400 kg max. load, basic system with two single units 800 kg max. load)
  • AVI 600 
    (single unit 600 kg max. load, basic system with two single units 1.200 kg max. load)