Active Vibration Isolation

HWL Scientific Instruments GmbH is your partner for active vibration isolation solutions.
We provide the tools to bring your application into focus.

HWL Scientific Instruments GmbH is specialised in vibration isolation consultancy and providing customized solutions to address environmental challenges for highest sensitive instrumentations in industry and research.

Modern technologies in the field of high-sensitive measurements, high-resolution microscopy, and high precision manufacturing have an increasing demand on effective vibration isolation systems in order to stop the influence of disruptive ambient vibrations (e.g. buildings, floors, traffic, machinery, sound, airflow).

HWL offers a wide range of active vibration isolation systems. Beside our table top versions (TS-Series), our modular active vibration isolation modules (AVI-Series) are available for special customization at different load capacities. High-quality support frames and tabletop plates in all customer-specific sizes enables us to offer you complete solutions for your individual requirements. Our systems overcome the disadvantages of classic passive systems.



ISO 9001 certificate We are proud to announce that our services are now ISO 9001 certified