Prices: Netto-prices given in EURO (Price List 2022)
Delivery conditions: Shipment terms - ex works (or as indicated on the quote)
Placing of order: Order is valid subject to acceptance of our terms of delivery and our terms of settlement.
Terms of settlement: As indicated on confirmation of order.
We request for transfer to our bank account.
We do not accept any cheques.
Warranty: 24 months from date of invoice excepting of obvious manufacturing faults.
Excluding wearing parts and improper handling.
Warranty rights are expressed for the company/institution, who has ordered the device (first customer). These warranty rights are an integral part of the sales contract between the first customer and us. In case of resell of our products by the first customer to third parties, we only accept the return of the goods for warranty inspection through the first customer. We will not accept direct return of goods from a third party.
Reservation of ownership: All goods sold and delivered remain in the property of the supplier until final payment by the customer.