The AVI series control units provide the power for driving the vibration isolation modules. They control enabling/disabling of active vibration isolation and give feedback about overload stages of any of the attached isolation modules. Depending on the number of isolation units involved in the setup, a different controller model is needed.

 Model Dimensions Control capabilities
( AVI 200 single units )
A2CU  9.5"  max. 2 units
A4CU  9.5"  max. 4 units
B6CU  19"  max. 6 units
B8CU  19"  max. 8 units
AVI-C Controller 4 19" rack mount   max. 4 units
AVI-C Controller 8 19" rack mount   max. 8 units



Short controller for 2 single units (AVI-200/LP series)


Short controller for 2 double units (AVI-400/LP series) or 4 single units


Long controller for 2 triple units (AVI-600/LP series) or 3 double units or 6 single units


Long controller for 2 triple and 2 single units or 4 double units or 8 single units

AVI-C Controller 4

Same as A4CU, but with rackmount form factor

AVI-C Controller 8

Same as B8CU, but with rackmount form factor